Twitter Three: The 3 Best Twitter Accounts for Child Development

Twitter Three: The 3 Best Twitter Accounts for Child Development

Twitter Three: The 3 Best Twitter Accounts for Child Development

Online communities are a great resource for parents looking to connect with other families and discover resources to support their child’s development. Parents will usually flock to Facebook and blogs as a source of inspiration, but you should consider Twitter as a rich well of information that boasts the wonderful work that organizations and professionals are undertaking.

Child Mind Institute – A non-profit organization dedicated to transforming mental health care for children everywhere, Child Mind Institute shares useful tips for all age ranges. Tweets include “A Special Needs Guide for Learning to Eat with Your SEVEN Senses – Part One” and “How do #SensoryProcessing issues affect kids at school?”

Friendship Circle – The organization provides support to 300 families and 2500 students with #specialneeds. It’s also supported by over 800 dedicated volunteers. Your family or your special student might not be on the roster, but the account is full of great ideas on how to provide adapted tools for your child’s environment.

Their tweets include: “6 Companies Selling Adaptive Playgrounds for Schools, Neighborhoods and Parks.” Continuing with that theme, they also had this tweet: “Recess for your Child with #SpecialNeeds: 7 Challenges and Solutions.”

Dr. Robert Melillo – Dr. Melillo is a professor, a functional neurologist and a TV show host. He’s the author of Disconnected Kids, Reconnected Kids. He covers a broad filed of topics, including dual diagnosis issues like Autism and Down Syndrome, and has useful information that can connect parents and educators.

At PediaPlex, we work hard to make sure parents have every resource at their disposal. In addition to offering a complete diagnostic and therapy services, we also have a strong social media presence chock-full of resources and tips to support your child’s journey.

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