The Adorable and Sweet Kate!

The Adorable and Sweet Kate!

The Adorable and Sweet Kate!

Meet the adorable and sweet Kate! Kate attends our Fort Worth/Keller PediaPlex location for ABA TherapySpeech TherapyOccupational Therapy, and Feeding Therapy.

When Kate isn’t at PediaPlex, you can find her playing outside at the park, feeding the ducks, or walking their puppy. Some of her hobbies are swimming, singing, making funny sounds effects (at home and at PediaPlex!), and helping mom and dad go grocery shopping. Her favorite subject is anything related to music!


PediaPlex Experience

Kate started at PediaPlex in August 2019 and her parents say that she “truly enjoys her interactions with the entire staff!” When asked about their experience at PediaPlex, her mom said:

              “Everyone has welcomed her with open arms and demonstrated unconditional acceptance of her. The staff’s client-centered approach has allowed Kate to truly blossom within a very short period of time. Kate surprises us all the time and shows us the new skills she acquires daily at PediaPlex. What we love most about PediaPlex is the fact that they recognize Kate’s full potential and create such a nurturing environment thus fostering creativity, joy and growth. It is clear that PediaPlex creates a supportive environment for their staff who in turn do the same for our children!”

PediaPlex Experience

Thank you so much for these kind words! We absolutely love the role that we are able to play in her therapy and are eager to watch as she grows.

We asked Shannon, her Occupational Therapist, about working with Kate and this is what she said:

“She is such a pleasure to work with! She is super cute and sweet and is always eager to come to OT and work. I have seen her make a ton of progress in all areas since she started with us and it is so rewarding to see that.” – Shannon, COTA

With the collaboration of services, Kate can receive all her therapy services at our Alliance PediaPlex location. Her team of therapists is able to communicate with each other on a daily basis about her individualized therapy program and continue to update her goals based on the progress that she makes. At PediaPlex, we truly believe that the collaboration of services makes all of the difference!

Visit our website today for more information on our collaborative approach to therapy services!

-The PediaPlex Family

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