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My family was seriously lost in the system. Our son suffers from ADHD and I was at my wits end. He is 10 and had started to struggle in school behaviorally and socially. I happened upon a brochure, which led to a call after hours to find out about services. Imagine my surprise when I reached someone. Not only someone, someone who listened, empathized and truly seemed to care. She listened, let me vent and empathized. She took my information and promised a call first thing the next morning. Guess what…. the call came! We scheduled an appointment and what a different experience.

We walked into the office where we were greeted by everyone- yes everyone. They made my son and me feel like we had known them for years! I have NEVER walked into an office like it….and we have visited many over the years. It was like coming home and my son expressed the same feeling. He felt like he was important, listened to and understood. He loves going to his weekly sessions and actually gets ready on his own without the usually drudgery of eye rolling, sighs and constant reminders. They know exactly what the family members need and without hesitation provide it.

His therapy sessions with the social worker are incredibly helpful. She has a very nurturing office with dim lights and is so incredibly supportive and comforting. She helps Zach feel like he is so special and helps him work through issues of insecurity, self-doubt and gives him tools to cope and interact with others.

I am proud to announce they have helped him get through two weeks of school with no “marks” for behavior (something that hasn’t happened since Kindergarten).

I would without question encourage anyone to check it out and see for yourself what I am talking about. Words can’t describe how different, caring and supportive the staff are. The building set up and staff are perfect at what they do. It feels like home! What a huge relief to finally feel like we are understood. Thanks for providing the extra ordinary vision and services to our very special children. Also thanks for mending this parent’s broken heart by giving us the help I craved!

Stacey Z.


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