Occupational therapists, physical therapists, education professionals and parents use weighted products to improve sensory processing and help attain a calming and organizing influence to the nervous system for children with Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other sensory integration needs. Deep touch pressure from weighted materials is believed to reduce sensory sensitivities, to improve the nervous system state, and to increase potentials for endurance of task attention and persistence.

Our weighted creations are designed to provide a stylish solution for sensory integration needs. We use durable denim in our hug vest. Our vests can be customized with embroidery, chenille patches or even rhinestones! Our unique hug weights allows you to add extra mass as your loved one gets bigger or you may remove them all for quick laundry. It is possible to have the functional deep touch pressure while looking GREAT!

Sometimes a hug pet is just what you need! Our wrap-around shoulder product combines our usual durable denim decorated with ultra cuddly fleece, soft velveteen or smooth satin stripes. These sensory integration options allow you to choose the perfect feeling against your neck, arms or face.

The hug lap pad is designed with the same tough denim, but also comes with a calming square made of satin, fleece or velveteen. It fits right in without distraction, yet provides that soothing sensory touch.

One of our early customers said her son told her our weighted vest felt like a big hug to him. Aahhh. What a wonderful feeling, a hug! That is how we knew, calming hugs, would be the perfect business name. The extreme love of a mother for her son, “just to be one of the boys”, is the basis for our passion. We hope you or your loved one experience the feelings of soothing, peaceful, calming hugs every time you use our products.

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